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Adam Wojtanek is a Chicago counter-culture artist and composer influenced by Chicago's folk music and electronic Blues music scenes. He was also influenced by abstract artists such as Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock and Kazimir Malevich esp. Malevich's iconic Black Square that had an enormous influence on 20th-century art. Hence, Adam uses instruments like a paintbrush; the notes are the brush strokes and the palettes of sounds are the pain colors.

Adam's song
Thinking of New Zealand was awarded the Akademia Best Folk Song Award in January 2016.

this interview for a music magazine.

Adam is now an expat, and resides on a Baltic island between Berlin and Stettin.

Chicago Influence

Adam grew up in an area that comprised the former Hyde Park Township of Chicago where many famous Blues and Jazz artists lived and President Barack Obama. He lived near Calumet City where night clubs featured Las Vegas-style showgirl revues, and artists such as Sun Ra, Frank Sinatra, Sophie Tucker, Keith Speaks or Gypsy Rose Lee played in local Speakeasies during the Prohibition. Cal City is a town that was featured and mentioned in many American movies. The town was also known by other names such as The Strip or Sin City. And in North American Indian language the word calumet means "Peace Pipe". So, some folks used to call it the Peace (Pipe) City. It's also believed that Cal City's Strip was the prototype for the Las Vegas Strip. Therefore, the environment he grew up in proved to be ideal for fermentation of many modern artists in those yearly days of modern American music.

Chicago has been an important American music culture center since the 19th century. Many early Chicago artists moved to Chicago from the South before leaving to New York. Like many of those artists, Adam didn't take music lessons but taught himself to play music from the heart. In early 1970s, he moved to Chicago's
Near North Side and was further influenced by the Rush Street and Old Town art, music and culture scenes.

Chicago's Music

Chicago is home of many American Music Genres such as those represented by the Sunset Cafe, Blues Brothers and many core American types of music such as Big Bands, Jazz, Gospel music, Rhythm & Blues, Soul music, Country music (Barn Dance, later called Grand Ole Opre when the show moved to Nashville), Chicago Blues, House Music, Acid House, Hip-Hop (Chi-town), Pitchfork Media and many other...

Old Town in Chicago was a great American folk music revival center for an elite group of the bohemian scene through 1950s and 1960s. It's also where it's been said an illegal back-house tavern operated on Wells Street through the 1970-80s. The tavern was called The Blues Brothers Bar and it was started by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd better known from the 1980 Blues Brothers movie. Another famous Chicago artist from Old Town's Second City Theatre was Mike Myers, who was the star of Wayn's World and Austin Powers movie series. [More about Old Town]



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